Collaborative Partnerships


Serious Illness Care Education Forum- Tufts University School of Medicine

Tuesday, Jun 25th 2024 12:00pm - 1pm via Zoom

The Serious Illness Care Education Forum is hosted by the Massachusetts Coalition for Serious Illness Care and led by Megan LaPorte to bring faculty members from across Massachusetts together to learn about what's happening at each school related to serious illness care undergraduate medical education as well as to catalyze collaboration across institutions.


Health Care Agent Matching Program

Matching unrepresented individuals with a volunteer health care agent.

Massachusetts Patient & Community Review Board

Providing a thoughtful space for community members to share their insights and experience with healthcare researchers and program developers as they start new initiatives.

Medical Schools’ Collaborative

Working to promote longitudinal, developmental-based curricula in serious illness communication for all medical students.


We're supporting the Executive Office of Elder Affairs team in their important work to update our paper-based MOLST Program to a national POLST program and statewide electronic registry in Massachusetts.

Nursing Task Force

Our taskforce is committed to strengthening nurses' abilities and confidence to provide high-quality, inclusive, and equitable care for all people living with serious illness in Massachusetts regardless of their age, gender, race, ethnicity, or ability.