What We Do

We bring together important perspectives to support what matters most to everyone seeking care.

Strategic Priorities

Our strategic priorities translate our mission into action. We focus on generating knowledge, developing strategic and expansive partnerships, and elevating and supporting the wider field committed to this work.


Generate Knowledge

We use innovative research methods to elevate the voices of communities, patients, and caregivers - especially people living with serious illness; to accelerate improvements in care and experience; and to assess impact over time. We also translate our research into practical applications for our own work and that of our partners.


Connect for Impact

To expand our reach and increase our impact, we create open spaces for people to come together, make connections, and learn about new research and best practices. We work to broaden our community and elevate the important work being done by so many.

Collaborative Partnerships

Support the Field

In targeted areas, we step more deeply into a space to serve as a catalyst for development and implementation. We work to expand the voices represented in quality improvement, research, and programming to make sure the work addresses the needs that matter in ways that can have real impact.