What We Do

We bring together physicians, nurses, hospice workers, counselors, clergy, hospital and health plan administrators, attorneys, policymakers, researchers and others working to transform serious illness care in Massachusetts.


Using participatory design methods, we conduct consumer research that centers on equity.

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We host virtual and in-person forums to bring together leading voices in serious illness care from around Massachusetts.

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Public Policy Working Group

We are identifying a new set of priorities for Massachusetts state-level public policy action and attention.

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We're partnering with the State of Massachusetts to help transition our paper-based MOLST Program to the POLST form and statewide electronic registry.

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Medical Schools' Collaborative

We are working to promote longitudinal, developmental-based curricula in serious illness communication for all medical students.

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Nursing Taskforce

We are committed to strengthening nurses' abilities and confidence to care for people living with serious illness in Massachusetts.

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