Massachusetts Patient & Community Review Board

Organized in partnership with the Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF), the goal of the Massachusetts Patient and Community Review Board is to ensure that our health care systems are investing in research and programs that best serve the needs of communities across Massachusetts. This is especially important for communities that are underinvested in and underrepresented – those often with the highest needs, yet least likely to have their voices heard. The Board focuses on reviewing research and programs about people with complex or chronic illnesses and conditions. Board members bring their own lived experience as patients or caregivers as well as the broader perspectives of the communities they are closest to, either in their personal lives or because of where they live and work.

Latest Updates

Bring your research and program ideas to the Board!

Do you have an early-stage research idea or program design that could use some expert insights? The Board meets virtually every six weeks and the group of 16 members has deep experience navigating the healthcare system as patients and caregivers, and supporting and advocating for others as community leaders.

Second meeting of the MA Patient & Community Review Board!

Our Massachusetts Patient and Community Review Board recently held its second meeting and invited Rachel Broudy and Judy Margo from Ariadne Labs. They discussed a new initiative to support people living with dementia, their trusted people, and their health care teams through improving communication. 

Program Content

MAPCRB Overview- a one-page summary of the MA Patient and Community and Review Board