In March 2021, Massachusetts officially began the important work of transitioning our current paper-based MOLST Program to the much improved POLST (Portable Orders for Life- Sustaining Treatment) electronic form and statewide electronic registry. These changes, which we’re calling the MOLST-to-POLST process, hold the promise to make our program an even more powerful, inclusive, transparent and meaningful tool for caring for the seriously ill. But we need to come together as a community in order to make that vision a reality.
The Coalition has formed a MOLST to POLST Advisory Group that brings together healthcare and community leaders to synthesize their collective knowledge and share their diverse stakeholder experiences. Together we will identify critical issues in our current MOLST program and offer best practice recommendations to the state to support a transition to a successful, sustainable POLST Program.
Contributions from Blue Cross Blue Shield MA and the Coalition helped the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services secure matching funding for the registry from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Latest Updates

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Meet Priscilla, Massachusetts POLST Program Director

We’re excited for you all to meet Priscilla Ross, our state’s first ever Massachusetts POLST Program Director. Learn more about why Priscilla took the job and what she sees on the road ahead for the MOLST to POLST transition. 

Program Content

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • May 2023 EOEA Letter- A letter from the team at EOEA describing the initial POLST Clinical Test Phase involving Cooley Dickinson Hospital and Fairview Hospital
  • March 2023 MOLST to POLST Stakeholder Session Recording and Slides- An introduction the national POLST form and updates on POLST program development
  • April 2022 POLST e-Registry and Interoperability Virtual Session Slides and Recording- A presentation with Auribus Consulting describing findings from the initial requirements gathering process for the POLST e-registry
  • July 2021 Meet the POLST Form Virtual Session Recording- An introduction the national POLST form
  • November 2021 Advisory Group Recommendations on Key QuestionsRecommendations submitted to the EOEA team by the Advisory Group on some initial POLST policy and practice questions
  • March 2021 BCBSMA Press Release- Announcement of the launch of POLST Program development