Case Study on Code Status Confusion

Case Study on Code Status Confusion

Description: This is a case study describing the potential patient misconceptions about CPR and the challenges of goals of care discussions among hospitalized patients.

AACN Domains: Clinical Judgement; Communication; Ethics

Format: Case Study

Audience: Associates Level; Baccalaureate Level; Graduate Level; Practicing Nurses; Nursing Faculty

Cost: Free

Tips and Suggestions: Case study is an excellent way to describe and understand ethical considerations and challenges in practice. Could be used in teaching and discussion across health professionals such as in a journal club, or key reading. While this case study does not explicitly present a nursing perspective, a good learning activity might be to discuss how and when a nurse could have intervened and supported the goals of care discussion.

Citation: Bernard Lo, MD; James A. Tulsky, MD. "Code Status Confusion." Patient Safety Network, 1 July 2003. Accessed 2 December 2022.

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