Second meeting of the MA Patient & Community Review Board!

Second meeting of the MA Patient & Community Review Board!

Publication Date: March 14, 2024

Our Massachusetts Patient and Community Review Board recently held its second meeting and invited Rachel Broudy and Judy Margo from Ariadne Labs. They discussed a new initiative to support people living with dementia, their trusted people, and their health care teams through improving communication. 

Judy said of the experience, "Our team was so grateful for the opportunity to get feedback, field questions, and receive recommendations...It was genuinely exciting to speak with this group who showed up brilliant, engaged, and curious. From the very practical to the deeply philosophical, the perspectives and ideas shared with us by the Board made a lasting impression and will help shape our next steps."

Do you have an early-stage research idea or program design that could use some expert insights? The Board meets virtually every six weeks and this group of 16 members have deep experience navigating the healthcare system as patients and caregivers, plus they have experience supporting and advocating for others as community leaders.

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