Interprofessional family caregiving competencies and family caregiver domains of preparedness

Description: This interactive website, from the Family Caregiving Institute at the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at the University of California Davis, is dedicated to the well-being of those who care for others. They provide competencies for inter-professional teams to support caregivers and assess caregivers’ readiness to assume the role. They provide Family Caregivers Domains of Preparedness and Interprofessional Family Caregiving Competencies.

AACN Domains: Clinical Judgement; Communication

Format: Website

Audience: Associates Level; Baccalaureate Level; Graduate Level; Practicing Nurses; Nursing Faculty

Cost: Free

Tips and Suggestions: These domains and competencies could be used by faculty, nursing students in clinical and staff nurses, assessing readiness for discharge from the hospital, or in the community in assessing the need for additional supports. There are case studies, teaching strategies, and videos that could be incorporated into a classroom activity. 

Citation: Interprofessional family caregiving competencies and family caregiver domains of preparedness. Family Caregiving Institute. Accessed November 1, 2022.