POLST e-Registry and Interoperability Virtual Session

Technical CodingMassachusetts is updating its current MOLST form and process to a nationally-aligned POLST (Portable Medical Orders) Program, an even more powerful tool for caring for the seriously ill. The POLST Program aims to help every individual with serious illness and advancing frailty engage in care planning conversations with their clinicians and care teams that ensure their treatment preferences are known and honored.

As an important part of this update, the state is building a statewide electronic POLST registry to allow health professionals timely and trusted access to POLST forms, the medical forms that communicate an individual’s treatment preferences and what matters most if a person is unable to communicate care decisions in an emergency.

This is an incredibly important effort and we need to work in partnership with the people who will be implementing these updates in care settings across Massachusetts to make sure we do everything we can to make this a success.

The meeting is intended to focus on the technical aspects of the registry and would be best for people who would be working on implementing the technical workflows and integrating the POLST registry and procedures within current systems and EHRs. At the session, we will share the current vision for the POLST registry and key requirements, collect input on possible gaps and additional technological considerations, and elicit ideas for what should be prioritized at an organizational level, across care settings, and at a broader state level to prepare for successful development and implementation of the registry.

We hope you can join us!