Education for equity in palliative care: Implications for the Future of Nursing 2030 Report

Description: This publication utilizes the AACN Essentials which underscore the value of including both palliative and hospice care within nursing curricula.  The authors postulate that health equity will never be achieved until issues  related to the social determinants of health, system biases and personal biases provide a foundation for education focusing on the causative factors for poor outcomes in vulnerable groups, particularly those who are living with complex medical conditions. 

AACN Domain(s): Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; Compassionate Care; Ethics; Evidence-Based Practice Health Policy; Social Determinants of Health

Format: Article (Report)

Audience: Associates Level; Baccalaureate Level; Graduate Level; Practicing Nurses; Nursing Faculty

Cost: Available from the Journal of Professional Nursing via ScienceDirect

Tips and Suggestions: This is a useful starting paper for how faculty in curriculum are addressing health equity and palliative care. Ideal for nurse educators.

Citation: Rivera-Burciaga, A. R., Palacios, M., & Kemery, S. A. (2022). Educating for equity in palliative care: Implications of the Future of Nursing 2030 Report. Journal of Professional Nursing, 42, 134-139.