Volunteer clinicians needed for Medical Justice Alliance

The Medical Justice Alliance (MJA) is a national non-profit organization made up of volunteer clinicians who are dedicated to protecting the rights of incarcerated people to medical care. MJA pairs pro bono clinicians with legal advocates to support litigation and advocacy on carceral health issues.

One of our newest Coalition members, Prisoners' Legal Services of Massachusetts, is leading the effort to build a Massachusetts chapter of MJA and is looking for clinicians to join the local network. 

To learn more about volunteering, there’s an informational session on December 15, 2022 at 4pm ET. They will provide an introduction to the goals of the MJA-MA network, hear from volunteer clinicians about their experience working on MJA cases, and discuss the sign-up process.


Meeting Details:

The Medical Justice Alliance has a network of over 160 physicians across a variety of specialties who provide pro bono expert witness services. Its work has contributed to systemic changes in care in prison systems in New York, Pennsylvania, and Oregon, as well as improved medical care or release for numerous individuals. Volunteer clinicians provide expert testimony in the form of standard of care opinions in litigation, individual and systemic advocacy for incarcerated individuals, and in administrative proceedings, including petitions for compassionate release/medical parole.

Volunteer clinicians receive training and mentorship from experienced clinicians in the network, and work with public interest, criminal justice, and civil rights advocacy organizations. Since the start of 2022, MJA testimony has helped facilitate the release of an incarcerated person from prison every ten days, allowing them to receive more appropriate medical care in a community setting.