Welcome to three new members!

Welcome to three new members!

Publication Date: December 8, 2023

Elder Life Directions

Judy Dovev, Judy Dovev owner of Elder Life Directions Elder Life Directionsand eldercare consultant, has worked with older adults and their families for many years and understands the challenges that they face. Guiding people through the maze of the healthcare system is no small feat, and at times we all know that the process can be confusing and overwhelming. The Coalition strives to strengthen the collaboration and connection between individuals, communities, and health care system, and Elder Life Directions is an organization that does the same. Judy was interested in joining the Coalition in order to offer insight from her extensive experience with patients and families, especially related to solo agers, LGBTQ+ older adults, and skilled-nursing facilities. “I have seen first-hand that good communication between patients and clinicians is key to creating a successful patient-centered environment. Sensitizing professionals to a patient’s perspective and offering more streamlined processes can help minimize stress and create more positive outcomes,” said Judy. Please join us in welcoming Elder Life Directions to the Coalition.

3C Patient Advocacy

Heidi Kummer HKhas experienced the health care system from all sides: as a physician providing critical care, as a critically ill patient herself, and as a caregiver and advocate for parents, friends, and family for over 30 years. When she became a Board Certified Patient Advocate and founded 3C Patient Advocacy3C, it all came full circle to bring together both her professional and personal experiences. Heidi has been following the work of the Coalition for several years and is excited for her organization to become a member. “There are no good deaths, but there are certainly good or better ways to die. And key to achieving that is having conversations about what matters most before critical illness forces the issue,” said Heidi. Having Heidi’s expertise in the concerns of patients and their caregivers is crucial for the Coalition to continue to center its work on consumer experience. We’re excited to have 3C Patient Advocacy join our Coalition.

Feltin Community Care 

Feltin Community CareFeltin is an innovative, non-profit primary care practice that’s transforming the in-home health care experience in Massachusetts by supporting the independence, agency, and quality of life of individuals with disabilities and complex medical needs. They provide comprehensive primary care services in the home, as well as an array of care coordination services, collaborating with all members of a person’s care team to advance their health and quality of living goals. Feltin’s model of care’s focus on establishing relationships based on trust, collaboration, and respect is synergistic with the mission and vision of the Coalition. Feltin’s care teams work in partnership with patients to ensure they play a critical role in the decision-making that goes into their plan of care. Amy Ledwell, Administrative Director for Feltin Community Care, said, “We are delighted to belong to a coalition with such synergistic values and we look forward to working with other advocates, innovators, and health system experts to help transform the marketplace to allow for more access to innovations that more effectively support people with complex medical needs.” We are thrilled to welcome Feltin Community Care to the Coalition.

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