The Coalition Welcomes Three New Members!

The Coalition Welcomes Three New Members!

Publication Date: September 10, 2021

South Shore Health


The Coalition is delighted to have South Shore Health join as a member organization because of the commitment it has shown to the present and future needs of the serious illness community. Southeastern Massachusetts’ largest independent healthcare system has been an important partner for many years and we are excited to welcome them now as an official member of the Coalition. “We are in deep support of the goals of the Coalition and are committed to supporting end-of-life and advanced care planning within our organization and on a statewide/national level,” shared Suzanne Cray Tessier, director of government relations and regulatory affairs. “We look forward to engaging with the other members of the Coalition to advance our shared goals.” As a Coalition, we are collectively working to ensure that we all get the care that supports what matters to us throughout our lives, especially if we’re seriously ill.

Almgren Law Group

final almgren

Having heard about the Coalition’s work leading the MOLST to POLST advisory group for the state, the Almgren Law Group (ALG) was eager to learn more about how their sphere intersected with ours. Located in Berkshire County, the law firm specializes in elder law, estate planning, and Life Care, a frontline care advocacy program for seniors, the chronically ill, and their families. What’s unique is that ALG is one of the few law firms in the state with a registered nurse/certified care coordinator on its team whose role is to help families navigate complex care decisions. “An unexpected fall, a life-changing diagnosis, such as dementia, Alzheimer’s or cancer, or a catastrophic event, like a stroke, heart attack or COVID 19, can leave clients and their family members scrambling for direction and the next best steps. The team at ALG brings clarity and peace of mind to the situation so they understand all their options, make educated decisions, stretch care dollars and ensure their affairs and wishes are handled appropriately in the event of incapacity or death,” said firm founder Paula Almgren, Esq. She emphasized how partnerships across organizations are key to supporting patients and families and looks forward to participating in Coalition working groups. Paula is also the immediate past President of the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, a long-time Coalition member.


care navigator

Barbara Bonigli is the founder of CareNavigate, an organization that helps patients and families access services and navigate healthcare, insurance, mental health, disability, community resources, special education and college disability systems. Barbara is a tireless patient advocate. “I hit many walls and barriers over the years advocating for family members and clients with complex medical conditions, mental health, and developmental disabilities. I realized having an advocate can get you answers and move forward.” Connecting the puzzle pieces of fragmented care systems is foundational to receiving care that supports what matters most to people. The Coalition is pleased to add another patient advocacy organization to its membership!


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